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November 27, 2012
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You were asleep in your bed, comfortable as can be. The covers were warm, your pillows were soft. There you were curled into a peaceful ball in your bed when you were suddenly harshly woken up by a very loud banging on your front door.

Grumbling, you forced yourself out of your bed and groggily made your way towards the constant banging. You were still grumbling when you opened the door to see the large nation of America standing at your doorway. He was sobbing while hugging onto his pillow.

"Dude, (Country Name), I watched this scary movie at Japan's place earlier today and now I swear I can hear noises in my house! And Britain won't let me stay with him tonight! (Country Name) you have to let me in!" He said quickly.

You glared at him and said "America, it is 3 AM. What were you doing up this late anyways? Don't you know we have to go to a meeting in the morning? That is probably why England didn't let you stay. If you were asleep like a normal person should be, then you wouldn't be awake to hear the noises. Now if you would please leav-" You made the mistake of looking up to see the most adorable puppy dog eyes ever.

"B-but (Human Name), I am scared. I will totally make it up to you..." He just had to go and use those blue eyes of his, and he just had to go and use your human name on you.  

You sighed. "Fine. You can stay the night."

Instantly his face lit up and he gave you what he liked to call a "Hero" hug and what you liked to call a "I Can't Breathe, Please Let Go" hug. "Thanks dude! Your house is way less scary than mine!"

"Okay, well I have a spare bedroom upstairs, but of course you know that already." You remarked sarcastically. America's reply was a nervous giggle. This wasn't the first time this happened. America just loved watching movies that would scare him. He especially loved doing it at ungodly hours. He would then proceed to run all the way to England's house and ask to sleep there, but there were days where England had something to do the next day or just wouldn't let him sleep there. Those nights were the nights he would proceed to bang on your door until you answered. Why you? Why did he have to come to you if England didn't let him in? Why couldn't he go to his Yeah, that's his name.

You led him upstairs to the spare bedroom. Sighing, you opened the door. Since he slept there so often, you decorated it with Americana after the last time he stayed at your place. Yeah, America annoyed you, but you also kind of liked him. Besides, you had manners and tried to be hospitable to guests. Even the frequent annoying ones.

America's eyes lit up when he saw the room filled with Americana. The once plain white sheets of the bed were now the Stars and Stripes. The bare walls were now decorated with a propaganda poster of Uncle Sam on one side and a bald eagle on the other side.  "(Human Name), you...did this...?"

"Yes, since you stay here so much, I decorated it for you. Do you like it?" You replied, trying your best to hide the blush slowly forming on your face and sound neutral.

He turned to look back at you. You looked back up at his face. He was smiling. Not his usual open mouthed smile, but a calm and sincere smile. It made you want to smile. "(Human Name)...I lov-" Before he could finish his sentence thunder boomed and lightening lit up the room briefly. America immediately closed the gap between you and squeezed you tightly. "Ah! Dude! A thunder storm, just like the movie!"

"Ameri-" You started but were stopped by a slight jerk. America stopped freaking out for a few brief seconds to hold to at arm's length and look at you sternly.

"Dude, you don't have to be so formal with me all the time. Call me Alfred." Then he went back to freaking out when another wave of thunder hit.

"Okay, Alfred. I really must be going to bed now. Just sleep with the light on or something." You said prying yourself out of his arms. "Get some sleep. Goodnight." You turned around and started to make your way towards the stairs when you felt a heavy hand on your shoulder.

"(Human Name)...Please don't go. I really am scared. Stay awake with me," He whined.

"But what about the meeting tomorrow?"

"Don't worry about that! There are more important things to worry about right now!" He exclaimed a little too loudly for your tired ears.

"Like what?" You asked yawning and rubbing your eyes.

"Like you making me forget about that scary movie! Let's go watch cartoons!" Without warning, he grabbed your wrist and started running down the stairs towards your living room. He turned on all the lights in that area then went to your movie case and took out (Cartoon Movie Name) and put it in your DVD player. He then plopped down onto the couch next to you. Not three minutes after the opening credits ended, there was a huge clap of thunder followed by bright lightening and immediately all the lights when out and the tv turned off.

"Aw man! God, why are you punishing me?!" Alfred shouted. "(H-human Name)! It is so scary! The power is out and it is thundering and dark and the movie and aaaaahhhhhh!" After that he was just babbling.

"Alfred, I-" More loud babbling. "Alfred, there are some candles in the-" Loud whining. "Ah, forget it. He isn't listening." You got up from the couch and felt your way to the cabinet where you kept your candles and matches. You came back to find Alfred huddled on the couch hugging a pillow and trembling. "Okay, I am back with some candles. I will just set them right here..." You set the candles down on the end table and started to light them.

"(Human Name)! You're back! I was so scared!" He whined.

"I was only gone for a second..." You took your seat beside him on the couch. "I am guessing this means I shouldn't plan on going to sleep anytime soon." You yawned and stretched. You were tuning out the thunder, and you slept with the lights out anyways. You just wanted to go to sleep, but of course the "Hero" here was too scared to let you do that. Even though this wasn't the first time this happened, you started to wonder how England dealt with America when he was like this. You decided to call England tomorrow to ask him.

You were too preoccupied with your thoughts to notice that Alfred had cuddled up to you. His body was warm and if felt good close to you. Wait! What were you thinking?! This was America we were talking about! Embarrassed you blushed and pushed him off of you. "America! What are you doing?! Get off of me!" You spat out and turned your face away to hide the dark red blush.

"Don't be like that (Human Name). It was just a hug!" He then proceeded to try and hug you again. This time you pushed him away angrily.

"Gosh America! Can't you read the atmosphere?! Can't you tell you are invading my space?! This is why no one likes you! That is why you are the most hated nation in the world." You immediately regretted what you said the minute you said it. His face instantly saddened. You knew he had to deal with lots of countries not liking him for one reason or another, but you never said anything as hurtful as that to him before so he wasn't expecting it from you.

"If you hate me so much, then why did you let me stay here? Why do you always let me stay? Why did you decorate that room up there for me if you hate me so much?" He almost shouted the words with an angered expression on his face. When you didn't answer, he lowered his voice to almost a whisper and said: "You don't hate me, do you (Human Name)?"  You furrowed your brow and turned your gaze from him. You couldn't tell him how you really felt about him after that angry outburst. Right now you hated yourself for what you said to him, but you couldn't swallow your pride and apologize just yet. "Answer me! I know you don't hate me! I showed up at your door at 3AM just because I was scared and wanted you to comfort me! What does it matter to you if I am scared? You must care a little if you let me in. But maybe I just 'read that atmosphere wrong' too! Man, you're like... a wild rose. Hard to find, pretty, but it hurts like hell if you get too close!" You blushed again at his comparison of you. He thought you were pretty? You didn't know he felt that way about you... He continued to talk: "Maybe I should've listened to my first boss when he told me to keep my nose out of European affairs. He told me not to make alliances because they would hurt me, but I didn't listen and see what happens? What do you have against hugs? Even Japan doesn't snap at me like that when I enter his space! I mean, is it so bad that I wanted to get close to you? Look, I am sorry for entering your space like that, but you didn't need to snap like that..." His voice started to shake. "E-even the Hero needs some comfort sometimes..."

You looked up at him and saw a tear fall down his cheek. Now you felt really bad. You contemplated on what you could do to try to make this right. Would an apology make it better? You didn't think so. You managed to make him cry with your horrible low blow insults. You started to get angry with yourself. Those insults weren't necessary. He didn't do anything wrong and you didn't really feel that way. You didn't hate all. He was just a little annoying, that's all but that didn't mean he deserved to be lashed out at for just trying to hug you. It wasn't like he was trying to rape you or anything! He just wanted a hug from...a friend because he was scared and paranoid from a scary movie. After a few more seconds of contemplating what to do, you broke the silence between the two of you.

"Alfred...I..I'm sorry for what I said. I didn't mean it. I don't hate you. The truth is, I actually like you a lot. You've helped my country out a lot, sometimes at the cost of your country's wellbeing. You do that for a lot of people. You really are the Hero and that is what I like about you..." You said it quietly, but you knew he heard it.

Alfred put his arms around you and buried his face in your neck. "I always hoped you felt that way..." You put your arms around him as well. After a few seconds of sitting there like that, Alfred looked into your (e/c) eyes and touched your face. Your face was burning from the blush that you knew was there. He was so close to your face and you knew what was coming. He kissed you. He was hesitant at first but when you started to kiss back he deepened the kiss. You could've swore your body was about to explode. His lips felt so wonderful and so soft.  You never wanted it to end, but unfortunately it did. He pulled away and looked at you and smiled. "I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist." Your answer to him was another kiss, but this one was quick.

"Don't sweat it," you said smirking, "I didn't mind it, I liked it." Alfred smiled at this. "You are a really good kisser."

"You're not so bad yourself," he said with a goofy smile on his face. You smiled at the compliment and hugged the goofy blonde man. He returned the embrace almost immediately. You then heard a sound that was like heaven to your ears. Alfred yawned. Alfred was tired! That meant that you could both go to sleep. Yes, you and him just shared a special romantic moment, but you were still tired and still had to go to that meeting in the morning.

You pulled away and smiled. "Alfred. You are tired. Let's go to sleep now."

"No I'm not! The Hero doesn't get tired!" He whined. He reminded you of a child right now. "I want to stay up and be with you..." He tried stifling another yawn.

"You are tired. You just yawned again. We have to go to the meeting tomorrow morning. So we need to get some sleep. You aren't scared anymore, so let's go!" You urged on.

He slumped in defeat. He was really sleepy but he didn't want to go to sleep without you. Suddenly, he got an idea. "Hey! (Human Name)! Can I sleep with you?" You were shocked at his sudden question. It took you a minute to realise what he really meant. You could be such a perv sometimes. You thought about it, but realised that you wouldn't be able to sleep in the same bed as him all night. It would be far too embarrassing! Once more you were lost in your thoughts and when you looked up you saw those same puppy eyes from earlier. "Please (Human Name)..." You sighed. You really had a hard time resisting those eyes. You decided to make a compromise.

"Yes, you can sleep with me, but not in a bed. We can sleep on the couch together or we can sleep in our own beds. Is that okay with you?"

"For a chance to sleep with you, I would gladly sleep on the couch!"

"Alright, then let's get situated. Make yourself comfortable."  Alfred nodded and took his glasses off and put them on the table where the candles were. Next he laid his head on your lap.

"Is this okay for you, (Name)?" He asked. You knew you weren't going to be very comfortable with sleeping upright, but you did tell him to get comfortable. Honestly, you were flattered that he wanted to lay in your lap. It also gave you a chance to touch his hair.


"I am glad.." He snuggled your lap and closed his eyes. You started to run your fingers through his sandy blonde hair. You breathed out a content sigh. Those blonde strands of hair were so silky that they slipped through your fingers with ease. You wondered how he got his hair so smooth. Maybe it was because of all of those hair products his country uses. Pantene, Tresemme, and the like... You kept on running your fingers through his hair, sure to keep away from Nantucket for now. You didn't want to rush things. You felt yourself starting to drift into sleep when Alfred said your name.

"(Human Name)?" He whispered.

"Yes, Alfred?"

"I love you." Once he said that you heart fluttered in your chest. He...loved you? Earlier it was established that you liked each other romantically, but you didn't know he was in love you.

"I love you too, my Hero..." You leaned down and kissed his cheek and then went back to playing with his hair. As you were drifting into sleep, you smiled and fell asleep with your new found love in your lap.

England would be bothered a lot less now.
So, I decided to write a fanfiction a while back. It was late and I was bored, so I just started typing. It became a little story. Then I shared it with :iconphoenixshadow920: and she told me to finish it and uploaded. Naturally, I procrastinated and slacked off. I also whined quite a bit because I haven't wrote any stories in a long time. Then, BAM! I uploaded it.

If there are any grammar or spelling mistakes that I missed, please let me know.

By the way, I did mean to make it so America calls Iggy "Britain" while the reader calls him "England".

Comments are appreciated, so please comment!

I am glad that this story has gotten such good reviews! It makes me very happy!

One more thing, in this story you are a country because I don't think that you would be able to interact with a country any other way. In real life (or at least in America) the personification of a country would be extremely protected. Alfred would probably be more protected than the president himself because, you see, if America is hurt the country is hurt and vice versa. Why let the personification run around with just anyone and get shot in the face and have the country collapse?
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But I still love you Alfie!~
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